Dehydrating Food

 In this series of blogs I will prepare, cook, dehydrate, store and then field test hiking meals. I hope to build a series of recipes for hikers and backpackers which offers not only preparation tips but also a real time field test.

On our thru-hike I had pre-made dehydrated ground beef shipped in our resupply drops. It was light, tasty and made a welcome addition to Ramen noodles. Another advantage was storage; it would keep without spoiling even in the hottest weather.

I want to state that I am no cook. This is all amateur home preparation without any culinary skills so you get the raw deal. I don’t have fancy equipment and I live in a small apartment so its real world preparation.

If there any meals you would like to see me prepare feel free to get in touch either by commenting on the post or the contact form to the side of the blog page. Also feel free to comment regarding your own experiences with the recipe or improvements.