Raven Rock State Park, North Carolina

Raven Rock State Park is in central North Carolina. I went for a day hike of about 5 mile to view the Raven Rock and The Fish Traps. The hiking is very mild with limited terrain changes, except for the stairs to Raven Rock and the climb back up from The Fish Traps. Although in both cases the elevation change is pretty small. Lucky the weather was perfect for hiking, we had been hot by hot and humid weather the week previous but the day I hiked it was 80f and low humidity.

The park is very well kept with a nice visitors center offering cold drinks and small snack items and a museum/display area about the park and surrounding area. Parking was plentiful although while there the car park did fill up and an overspill parking area was opened by the rangers. There was no entry charge.

The paths are well marked and signed with directional arrows, mile indication and trail markers. The trails are well maintained and overall easy to hike on/ It was very busy in the park so if you are wanting a quite day away from it all then this is not for you. Its clearly very popular and as the trails are fairly short and easy it attracted a lot of visitors.

Raven Rock State Park, NC

A GPS Track of the Days Hiking

State Park Map

State Park Map


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